Recent Grants


REF’s spring 2018 funding includes the following grants:

*A robotics program, KIBO, that teaches Kindergarten and 1st graders how to code with a hands-on approach sans electronic technology

*A one-year subscription for the 3rd grade to extend the benefits of the spring 2017 grant, WeDo Legos kits, by gaining access to design, build, and code via CampRobo electronic centers

*Annually-awarded Lee Ingraham grant in honor of the former principal at RES to provide three copies of 10 different books to support 3rd grade STEAM initiatives

*A three-day trip to Hurricane Island in Maine for the 6th grade students to immerse themselves in a science-based program that focuses on environmental stewardship

*The purchase of surfboard kits to apply practical understanding of P.O.W.E.R. (power of water as energy for resource), the junior high theme for the school year that will culminate in a “day at the beach” celebration

*Two C-pen readers to help special education provide discreet assistance to students needing extra help