How to Apply
Grant applications must be submitted to the REF Grants Committee by the November 1 or April 1 deadlines. Prior to submission, all grant requests must be approved by the applicable's principal. In addition, grants including technology related items, or items that place demands on the network resources of the school, must also be reviewed by the technology coordinator. Applications are submitted using the REF website.

Applicants should submit a completed REF Grant Application that includes:

1. Project title
2. Project rationale (Why is the project needed?)
3. Project’s goals and outcomes
4. A plan to achieve the goals and outcomes
5. Whom the project will serve
6. A realistic/ cost–effective budget
7. Evaluation criteria

Who can apply?
Any teacher, staff member, or school representative of the Rye School District

When to apply?
Grants are distributed twice annually. Applications must be received by the following dates:
• November 1 for winter/spring implementation
• April 1 for the following fall implementation
• Applicants will be notified of the grant awards no later than six weeks after submission

What are grant amounts?
REF generally has a total of $30,000 to $40,000 per year in available grant funding. Individual grant amounts vary (see Past Grants). Grants may receive full or partial funding. Additionally, REF may receive more worthwhile proposals in a cycle than it is able to fund and may encourage resubmission of a grant for a subsequent funding cycle.

What types of projects will be considered?
Although REF will consider funding requests for all types of projects, current focus areas are the following:
• Curriculum enhancement in core content areas and foreign language
• Arts, music, and drama
• Physical education and "real world" learning

Preference will be given to those proposals which:
• Use innovative teaching methods and rate curriculum areas and promote creative thinking and leadership skills
• Benefit the greatest number of students
• Have the potential for benefits extending more than one school year
• Encourage partnerships and collaboration among educators, students, parents and community

REF is unable to support requests for field trips, general equipment, and/or materials not affiliated with a particular project.