REF Grant Recipient Feedback

“Rye Education Foundation has enriched my teaching and made it more dynamic for over a decade now. It started years ago [with] an LCD projector and portable screen in the library long before they were installed in all the classrooms. This allowed me to more effectively reach our visual learners. REF then let me pilot a trip to Star Island to teach local history, folklore and community. I have had artists, authors, local musicians, environmental activists and more in the school, broadening our cultural and community liaisons.” -Denise Wheeler, RES Librarian

"The outdoor classroom is amazing. Students and teachers alike love using it. Many classrooms have already used it this fall. Just last week when the wind was blowing and it was a bit nippy, a second grade class was out there experiencing science in the natural environment. I had to get a child for early dismissal and he ran in all excited. Jumping around he said, "That was the best time ever!" I asked if he enjoyed the outside classroom and he nodded enthusiastically. I have never seen this particular student so animated. That is a typical reaction from students. It is sheltered from noise and close to nature. What a beautiful gift you have given the Rye Elementary community. Thank you."- Suzanne Lull, RES Principal