Recent Grants

Spring 2017 GRANT SUMMARY Rye Junior High School

IXL Language Arts--Jennifer Miller, $1,602.00. Pilot an online program for students to practice language arts concepts and skills. Language arts teachers in grades 6-8 will use to direct and guide students on which skills to focus on during specific units of instruction. Reports are generated so teachers can monitor students’ progress and time spent mastering various concepts. All activities are aligned to grade-level standards. This program will allow those who have mastered grade-level concepts to move forward while those who need remediation can work their way to being on grade level.

Summer Reading Program--Jennifer Miller, $1,150.00. The language arts teachers at Rye Junior High School will implement a summer reading program for the students entering grades 6-8. Students will read a required book and one of their own choosing over the summer in order to prepared for the start classes in the fall. Students will receive the required book to keep during a spring kick off event in collaboration with Rye Public Library which will provide support to student in choosing a second book. Both the required and choice book will have an accompanying assignment with e-mail support from teachers that will be due at the start of classes in the fall.

Hummingbird Robotics--Nina Keating, $4,498.20. Robotics/electronics assembly kits for 6th graders. The budget will cover the purchase of the 2 Hummingbird Duo Large Classroom kits which will provide enough material for 24-36 students in each kit. Once a project is complete, learners disassemble the electronic components to be used again in another project. All these components will be reused.

Osprey Turn On Camera--Robin Ellwood $3,872.00. This project will enable all the original Osprey project goals to be implemented; as originally intended, this project will provide opportunities for short and long term, as well as year-round, bird and wildlife investigative opportunities for students. This proposal will fund a data plan to turn on the camera. Rye Elementary School

S.T.E.A.M. Studio--Audrey Garcia, Michelle Gwinn, Nina Keating, Suzanne Lull, Jennifer Sabine, Diane Smaracko, $3,361.18. A Maker-space for the entire school. The plan is to use an empty classroom to design a space where all teachers can access materials and generate ideas for students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.). The projects can stay in the studio over multiple days enabling teachers more flexibility in their classrooms. Budget is for materials, kits, tables, and stools to equipped the space.

Active Body-Active Minds--Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Aimee Caruso, Vicky Scally, & Sally Welsh, $5,376.48. Flexible seating for Kindergarten and First Grade. Move from traditional types of seating to flexible (wobbly) seating. This enables students to choose a seat that will allow them to do their best work.

We Do Lego Robotics--Nina Keating, $4,530.71. Robotics for the 2nd and 3rd Grade. Students will design, construct, debug, operate, present, and then record their learning process and products by way of photos and videos stored in their student portfolio. Once a project is complete, learners disassemble the electronic components to be used again in another project. All these components will be reused.